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Physically painful unit control: Artanis vs. wizo59mt
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Author:  Artanis [ Fri May 07, 2004 12:04 am ]
Post subject:  Physically painful unit control: Artanis vs. wizo59mt

It was requested that I post the replay of this match due to my opponent using a tactic that I had never actually seen before: partway through the match, he started shooting my units down to 1hp, then LEAVING THEM ALIVE. At the point I found out that this was deliberate (as opposed to just careless), casualties were $17 to $61 in my favor.

In short, it was so physically painful to watch that by the end of the game, I wasn't even bothering to try to win...he was doing all the work for me.

File comment: This is NOT how to choose targets!
15528-ANT-Artanis(W)-wizo59mt(L)-11.rep [34.57 KiB]
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