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Endangered Species: Tiger vs. Artanis on Crateus
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Author:  Artanis [ Mon Jun 14, 2004 5:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Endangered Species: Tiger vs. Artanis on Crateus

Bad luck and lack of experience got the better of Tiger in this one. Having only played on Crateus a couple times, Tiger made an attrition-geared deployment against my Tanks and Bots...almost like the Phantom League and Free Nations Union had swapped roles :wink: . What I had learned and he (evidently) had not was that a Smallfoot/Scorcher battle line on Crateus almost never works.

The bad luck came first when I brought three SAs to bear on his Medium, then when his reinforcements found themselves mired in a surprise disclosure. Finally, his conquest of my SA in the south took too long for him to change the tide of the war. With his Medium crushed, two of his Lows all but defeated, and unable to contain me in the west, north, and east, Tiger surrendered, thus granting me my first victory over the Great Predator.

File comment: Artanis (FNU) defeats Tiger (PL) on Crateus. 11 turns.
19480-CRA-Artanis(G)-def-Tiger(R)-11.rep [40.56 KiB]
Downloaded 656 times

Author:  Artanis [ Tue Jun 29, 2004 11:53 pm ]
Post subject: 

And here's the second game of the dual. In this one, a battle immediately started as he hit one of my SAs from three sides. My attempt to blindside him from behind only resulted in him claiming an indemnity, and it was all my forces could do to hold on to the capital of my beleaguared country. At my forces' lowest ebb, I was sacrificing four units each turn simply to keep a road to the capital open.

However, while Tiger concentrated on my ally, most of my forces were going around the long way, grabbing neutrals as they went. By the time Tiger seemed to realize what was happening and began expanding, I was just a couple turns away from his rear. With most of the map pouring hordes of Bio-Ts, Ostriches, and Pteroplanes into the final showdown, Tiger's forces simply collapsed under the sheer weight of numbers. With the game all but over, Tiger surrendered, bringing my Crateus-specific record against him to an undefeated 2-0.

File comment: Artanis (PL) defeats Tiger (FNU) on Crateus.
19479-CRA-Artanis(R)-def-Tiger(G)-15.rep [61.13 KiB]
Downloaded 633 times

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