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My best replays in Massive Assault
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Author:  pdanoe [ Thu Jul 07, 2011 1:00 pm ]
Post subject:  My best replays in Massive Assault

I like these small challenges, and it is really fun to make the most ridiculous scores.

- Breakthrough 288 points. The most ridiculous score, but I have to say that everything just went my way in this map. I lost only 2 lav's and needed only 8 rounds.
- Little Overlord 255 points. Using a strategy with airplanes which is not my own, but is very effective. 11 rounds, and not lost a single unit
- Two Chambers 234 points. Again a borrowed idea. The AI was very helpful to stop moving its units, probably the main reason for this high score. 13 rounds and no unit loss.

Two Chambers 234.rep [12.67 KiB]
Downloaded 462 times
Little Overlord 255.rep [15.33 KiB]
Downloaded 439 times
Breakthrough 288.rep [14.94 KiB]
Downloaded 488 times

Author:  pdanoe [ Thu Jul 07, 2011 1:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My best replays in Massive Assault

Some more, and also some of the scenarios where I did not quite yet figure out the super duper idea where I lose no units.

- Beachhead 214 points. Again borrowed idea. No unit loss, and 11 rounds.
- Help 124 points. 11 rounds. Lost 3 lavs, one mortar and one tank. But I think it is impossible to go through this map without losing a unit. In this map, a fast action against the enemy annihilators is essential, and likewise also to keep a foothold in the enemy territory so he wont get interest.
- Help 126 points. 17 rounds. In this replay it is quite clear that I am abusing the weak thinking of the AI. Without even defending my border, the AI decides to go for a lav that I have placed in the other end of the country. My losses are reduced to one tank and one lav.

Help 126.rep [21.36 KiB]
Downloaded 479 times
Help 124.rep [16.6 KiB]
Downloaded 483 times
beachhead 214.rep [14.79 KiB]
Downloaded 493 times

Author:  pdanoe [ Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My best replays in Massive Assault

A few more ...

- Small Affair 120 points. I am not sure I understand AI thinking here either. Seems like it will rather go for the capital and then not butcher my annihilators. Such a thing will of course be punished.
- Surprise 118 points. This one just shows the power of a large army of rocket launchers.
- Bottleneck 113 points. Notice the way I move my mortars and rocket launchers. The key is of course that the enemy will never get near my position. And after killing the horde it is a matter of how fast you can take out those death turrets.

bottleneck 113.rep [17.1 KiB]
Downloaded 478 times
Surprise 118.rep [33.11 KiB]
Downloaded 481 times
Small Affair 120.rep [6.25 KiB]
Downloaded 487 times

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