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 Post subject: To Artanis: Can you let me know the 4th SA ?
PostPosted: Tue Sep 07, 2004 4:13 am 
Sorry for that. I forget that in my turn, I already have about 240% balance, and I go to invade 2 of your country then when I end the turn, I direct get that win. If I got see that, I sure first msg you in game to ask about your 4th SA. (after finish that game, it not allow me to get in anymore, just have replay button only)
Anyway that game is very interesting. I can say that I am quite luckly to win you at that game. (You use 3 SA to fight me 4 SA and let me use PL)
but luckly you got better opening thatn me. (that why I can say if you open the 4th SA, I can direct lose 2 SA in your hand in a few turn.
But with 3 SA ,you had already get 1 of my SA and I only have 2 SA income plus 2 neutral income. Another one totally haven't get any income.
You can see it got 10 turn left for income.
Do you always using 3 SA to finish people? I see that in result list, you and tiger always win,win ,win.

Nice to play with you. Quite challenging.

 Post subject: Thanks Artanis!
PostPosted: Tue Sep 07, 2004 8:41 am 
I had read your reply msg in game.
Hope that next time can force you to use 4 SA to fight me

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Sep 07, 2004 10:34 am 
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You're welcome :D

I usually use only disclose three SAs in a mentoring game, but I'll reveal the fourth if none of my SAs border each other, or if the newbie makes a mistake that disclosing it would demonstrate (such as leaving unguarded Pteroplanes in my SA's capital). Every now and then, I'll drive the newbie out of an SA, and end up using it without ever actually disclosing it :wink:

The reason that me and Tiger (and the other mentors, for that matter) win so much is partly that most newbies start off hopelessly outmatched (some have not even beaten the AI yet!), but mostly because we get so many timeout victories. Games where somebody never sends his/her second turn make up a bigger portion of my mentoring "wins" than games where I've actually beaten my opponent in battle.

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