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 Post subject: After Action Report (AAR) for Marines Scenario
PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, 2003 10:11 am 

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Author: Henri

Here is a short AAR from an "easy" standalone scenario. In this
scenario, one starts off with 3 navy transports. One carries 4 Lavs, one
carries two heavy mortars a "Walker" and a tank, and one carries four
tanks. You have a city on your island with four aircraft. You have to
invade a neighboring island containing a lot of Lavs, tanks, walker and
a rocket vehicle (the latter has a range of 4 and a big punch, but is
defensively weak). Let us say that the enemy island is to the North of
my island. My transports are between the two islands within easy landing
distance.The enemy units are out of range of my bombers, which means
that I have to capture the enemy city and rebase my air units there if I
want to use them.

I tried invading with the Lavs (Light armored vehicles) on the East side
of the South shore and the tanks on the left side. Because thelavs can
move only one hex, I could only land the mortars on the second turn.
Since you can only shoot before you move, the enemy has a free turn of
shooting at my units, that are badly battered by turn two. I was thrown
back into the sea.

Then I tried landing the tanks on the East side and the Lavs in the
South, but the East side of the enemy island is rough terrain that
allows tanks to move only one hex instead of the usual two, so I got
beaten even more badly.

There are no landing beaches on the enemy island from the NW through the
N to the NE side, so it is not possible to stage an invasion from two
side at once except from the East and the West.

So I moved my transports to the West, but not tooo far, as a feint,
making sure to keep out of range of the enemy rocket units. The enemy
moved most of his army to the West. After a couple of waiting moves, I
rapidly moved the transports to the East. Since Lavs can move only one
hex, they hurried as fast as possible towards the East, the other faster
units having no trouble shifting positions. Next move I landed my lavs
in the East. The enemy hurried (sort of) to meet them. Then I landed my
tanks in the West. Here they could move one hex after landing, because
their movement is two hexes on green terrain, so I could land one mortar
and the walker behind them.

By this time, the enemy Lavs supported by the heavies were pounding my
Lavs to hell in the East, but there were no light enemy units between my
tanks and the enemy big guys and the enemy city. My tanks advanced
quickly, and the enemy units that came forward to meet them could be
pounded by my two mortars and the walker. Mortars have a range of two
and walkers of three.

I managed to get a tank inside the enemy city and to capture it. This
allowed me to rebase my planes in the enemy city. I could not use them
on that turn, but it would give me three one-point damage attacks on the
next turn, which would be enough to kill the enemy rocket, who could
kill almost any one of my units in one turn.

On the next turn, I used the planes to kill the rocket unit, and for all
practical purposes the game was over. Bu this time the remaining enemy
Lavs were reaching the city, but it was too late - my mortars and Walker
had done their job, only one mortar and a few tanks were left, but that
was enough because the enemy had even less. Tanks have five life points,
and Lavs can kill only one point. I didn't even have to use the planes
to wipe out the enemy on the last turn.

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