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Time Outs
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Author:  ChooAh [ Wed Apr 13, 2005 8:02 am ]
Post subject:  Time Outs

Just curious about opinions and game etiquette. I've noticed quite a few "time out" wins in the tournament. If there has been no discussion of additional time allowance and the time has expired, how long would be considered fair or at least (not being a prick) before you click finish and take the game? Should the fact that you already winning (or losing) affect your decision or the amount of time you allow?
Anyone? :-?

Author:  Mrakobes [ Wed Apr 13, 2005 9:16 am ]
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even since MA was released time-outs were a problem.usually people who are losing just quit...and i think this is very shameful and stupid behaviour (if they dont want to continue why they not just surrender).
in normal games assume that i am playing with sentient being and if he see i set time limit to (for example) 3 days he should know that i am going to play with 3 days for turn max..if it not fits him he should not take challenge.
If he took challenge with 3 days i am in my right to finish it as soon as time limit expires if he not send turn it time.I dont have any obligations to wait because if i receive a turn from game after a long time i maybe even forget what i was going to plan there and i will have to make new plan from scratch so people who dont send turn in time just waste MY time.and why should i care then.
So i belive it;s okay to finish game as soon as "finish" button appears..

Author:  Enforcer [ Wed Apr 13, 2005 9:50 am ]
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all depends on ur own feelings. Personally i don't time ppl out until they're 2 weeks over the deadline. (at least) I play the game to have fun not to win thru timeouts. But some ppl are alot stricter. Also depends who u r playing as u're less likely to time out someone u've got to know. Also depends on wether they've let u know they'll be away or something.

Author:  ChrisCraven [ Wed Apr 13, 2005 10:46 am ]
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In a personal match, I will not time someone out untill it is so old that I know they aren't coming back...basically until I decide I don't want it in my waiting games.

I'm alot stricter in tournaments and Clan Wars, there is more going on then just my game, delay of a game effects everyone in that tournament. If I'm playing in a tournament that has a maximum of 3 days per turn and my opponent takes his turn everytime in 1 day, I'm going to be easier on the TO(1-3 days) then when my opponent takes 3 days everytime(ASAP).

But on the other hand I will also give the person more time if the ask.

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