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Romania players
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Author:  xzanth [ Wed May 04, 2005 1:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Romania players


im heading to romania in july for 3 weeks, if your from romania or near romania, have been to romania, or have information about romania, culture, language, or suggestions, could you post them here or send me a message.

im getting a russian language tape to get started on it.

also if you have any suggestion on mistakes that could get me killed, id appreceite that.

Author:  Antonio Manero [ Wed May 04, 2005 1:28 pm ]
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Ask Manko or Maverick75.
They speak a latin language in Romania. Similar to Italian or Spanish. Bye, bye.

Author:  Inna [ Thu May 05, 2005 4:13 am ]
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This language is called Romanian. :wink:

Author:  Antonio Manero [ Thu May 05, 2005 4:38 am ]
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Spasibo. ;-)

Author:  those983nr [ Sat May 26, 2012 3:03 am ]
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Author:  Catherine91 [ Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Romania players

Thanks for sharing.

Author:  Tatum85 [ Fri Dec 13, 2013 6:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Romania players

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