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The storyline of Massive Assault??
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Author:  gulex [ Thu Jan 01, 2009 9:56 am ]
Post subject:  The storyline of Massive Assault??

Hey, after i've been a huge fan of Domination, i figured out i'd try MA. And as it happens a friend of mine (who taught me to love Domination) had the game, so i wanted to try it out at his place.

But after watching the intro sequence i got completely discouranged from playing it. And felt like just quitting it at once.
Never in my lifetime have i seen a storyline for a game look so much like propaganda.
I mean, its basically a cold war scenario isn't it?. The good guys who only fight for freedom and democracy, against the evil communist dictators (aka The Phantom League as it is called in the game).
This is just too much, i thought the western world was better than that, i thought our dear gaming industry was better than that.

I remember something about the Chineese state (and no im not supportive of em in anyway) wanting to make a socialist MMO. Gaming news sites worldwide were laughing at the idea, and calling it propaganda.
Quite honestly we're not any better. I mean, we actually have games with a plot going like this "Evil warmongering commie dictators attacking poor innocent peace loving democratic people".

In Domination i just thought it was a fun reference to the cold war, and thus i didn't mind. As the game never took any direct anti-Phantom League point of view, and thats what i love about the game.

I understand if people think i'm taking this way too seriously, i was chocked to see that we're actually having this amount of propaganda in our videogames.

Ouh and happy newyear! :)

EDIT: Ouh and if this kind of discussion isn't allowed, feel free to delete my post.

Author:  qqwwee1150 [ Tue Jul 12, 2016 4:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The storyline of Massive Assault??

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