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Dosn't make sense
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Author:  MatsuStrak [ Wed Apr 14, 2004 2:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Dosn't make sense

It doesn't make sense for a secret ally to be able to disclose itself AFTER being taken over. If a secret ally is taken over completely without having been disclosed it should be treated normally as any other territory that gets disclosed, it doesn't make sense and it is SOOO exploitable!

Author:  Mrakobes [ Wed Apr 14, 2004 3:29 pm ]
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quite stupid post...what does not make sence for you? have you read the storyline? Disclosure of secret allies is a strategy invented by phantom league and later copied by FNU .The point of this strategy is that enemy should not know if this country is a secret ally or not.the secret army is a force of regular troops sitting in hidden bunkers underground and waiting for orders.If enemy takes the country - the secret army can still wait in their bunkers and come out later when enemy feels himself safe and moves his troops away.Kinda dumb to call this an "expoit". Exploit is something against the rules.And rules do not forbid the disclosure of secret army after an enemy captured the country - so this is completely legal and sometimes very clever strategy.
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Author:  Artanis [ Wed Apr 14, 2004 3:30 pm ]
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Heh, glad to see my disclosure on Emerald had SOME effect! 8)

More seriously though, the ability to disclose a defeated nation is one of the big points of strategy in the game. It lets you take out the occasional undefended bomber, surprises the enemy, forces him to take extra precautions with garrisons, robs him of indemnity, etc. Additionally, if the enemy got the indemnity for conquering an undisclosed ally, there would be little point in keeping your SAs hidden, especially on small maps.

As to not making sense: other than the fact that gameplay overrides backstory and not the other way around, remember that what you see is only a representation of the country and the troops in it, not an actual satellite photo or some such. On top of that, the Secret Army is just that: secret. If those "secret" tanks and mechs were parading around the capital, it would kind of defeat the purpose of keeping them hidden. Just think of them as being hidden in caves or forests or something until they're called upon to start blowing things up.

Author:  VaNO [ Wed Apr 14, 2004 3:35 pm ]
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The problem is that stroyline is cut in MAN... All other is right and true. That is a deep and interesting feature but not bug or exploit.

Author:  Mrakobes [ Wed Apr 14, 2004 3:40 pm ]
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here is link to storyline anybody can read it

The Phantom League's strategy was ruthless and treacherous:
at first they disclosed only one of their secretly allied countries then invading a neutral neighbor, so that it looks like a small local conflict. Then gradually disclosing new Secret Allies, they were attacking and conquering new territories. Very soon the Free Nations adopted similar 'covert' techniques - they were disclosing their Secret Allies one by one

2 Vano - that's odd that there is not copy of storyline on MAN site. I recommend posting it there too.

Author:  Quitch [ Thu Apr 15, 2004 4:41 am ]
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Who cares about that think excuse for a story. The fact is that as long as you're not sure where the SAs are, you should be maintaining a garrison. A single LAV in the capital alone gives you two turns to react. It is an excellent tactical feature, and assists in evening up games where one player is stuck with some dodgy SA placement.

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