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Attn Placid and other Mac users...
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Author:  lennyhipp [ Wed Oct 19, 2005 11:42 am ]
Post subject:  Attn Placid and other Mac users...

Do you guys have any MA replays of Desperate Defense? Somebody had posted one in the replay forum but that keeps crashing my G4 powerbook (i've got the latest patch). I've beaten every scenario/world war... and most of the time i win on my first turn... there's a few tricky ones that take me a while to figure out, but those are the ones i enjoy the most.. the ones i have to restart 10-15 times before finally winning a hard fought battle...

But desperate defense is driving me nuts! i probably played it 50 times, and just when i'm about to capture the capital on the right, the country on the left break through my defense. I've noticed the country on the left has one less unit... if you can't post a replay, can you give me tips on what units to buy and a strategy to pursue?!


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