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General head-ups on the most common subscription issues
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Author:  Nick_WN [ Sun Mar 26, 2006 12:04 pm ]
Post subject:  General head-ups on the most common subscription issues team is pleased to see that many of our beta-testers already purchased lifetime subscription for MAN2, even though the game is yet to be released. I have decided to write this small guide for those of you who faced subscription-related problems.

Problem 1: I just paid and got confirmation e-mail, but no activation code has been sent.

Resolution: Apparently, your browser has some specific settings which prevent our payment script to redirect you on activation code page. Usually, when this redirect works you’re also getting activation code with further instructions via e-mail which is about 100% warranty that you apply it even in case you accidentally close displayed web-page.

I monitor all MAN2 orders on daily basis (besides weekends), so in most cases I manually upgrade profiles of those few people to registered players even before they reach me. But in case I didn’t, please drop me e-mail (my contact can be found in public relations section at this page:

Regardless to whether you received activation code, you need to download the map pack at:
and install (not download!) it in the same directory where you have MAN2 installed.

Doing the above will let you play on all the planets after we upgrade your profile to the registered one.

Problem 2: I don’t have credit card. Do you have alternative payment solutions?

Yes, in few cases we can accept Paypal payments. Please reach me directly on how to proceed.


That’s it for the most comment issues for now.

Just common note: Please don’t try to cheat payment system entering invalid credit card numbers – activation code won’t be issued until our credit card processor confirms your card. It takes quite a while to delete such orders from our database.

Thank you,

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