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M.A.N.2 beta gets patched to v2.0.190.7 February 2006

Patch to version 2.0.190beta is out now. New patch is available for download!
This patch improves overall application reliability brining a number of fixes and improvements:
  1. Chat server has been greatly improved:
    • If you don't have planet other online players are fighting on at the moment, icon for watching online game is not being displayed to you.
    • If player started watching online game between two other players, corresponding message appears in active channel so everyone knows which game being watched.
    • It is impossible now to challenge other players from Chat or watch someone else's game if you clicked "Play online!" button. Waiting player may only chat with others to invite them join his game, and corresponding tool tip being displayed over "wait for opponent" button.
    • Connect to Chat server is not blocking anymore, which greatly speeds up connection now and resolves buggy performance when Chat server is not responding.
    • Chat server connection status being updated live in active chat channel now.

  2. Turn limit for online game with online AI opponents has been increased to 15 minutes.
  3. Sending personal and public challenges caused game crash. Fixed now.
  4. Improved combo-box design in all sections of Internet Play.
  5. Loading replay on planet which is not being installed crashed application. Now replays and saved games are possible to load only for planets being installed with the game.
  6. Watching game from private chat channel now doesn't disconnect player from Chat.
  7. Fixed game crash when opponent joined game while other player was making his turn being watched by observing player.

Registered players may additionally enjoy following improvements coming with this patch:
  1. Stats screen has been updated - scrollbar being displayed only to subscribers playing with Extended set of units
  2. Scripts for 6 units from Extended unit set has been modified which fixes several bugs of logistics. AI bug has been fixed. Team will keep working on Massive Assault Network 2 moving the game forward to release build and constantly adding new features. Thank you for staying with us and helping to get Massive Assault Network series more addictive!

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