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M.A.N.2 - various unit sets30 March 2006

Massive Assault Network 2 features 4 various set of units that player can employ during the battle: MA Style, Hybrid, Standard and Extended. Playing with various unit sets is the unique feature of M.A.N. 2 which has not been met in previous games. Therefore, let us get you more details on this.

M.A. style unit set is the one inherited from original Massive Assault game and features 13 units of equal parameters (though of various appearance). Hybrid unit set is almost the same as M.A. Style, but has one extra unit - dot (bunker). Standard unit set is the one many of you has seen in Domination. It features 18 units with 3 unique units for the each side. Finally, the Extended unit set has 21 units where 3 unique units from Standard unit set being balanced with the same units from the opposing side.

F.N.U. Side

P.L. Side





Air Transport


Players with lifetime subscription are able to employ any 4 various set of units for their battles, while trials may play just with Standard units set.

All the units with parameters described in details available at:

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