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New Orleans, LA - December 15, 2006 - releases the Demo version for its online strategy Massive Assault Network 2. The Demo offers unlimited free Trial period.

The Demo can be downloaded at:

MAN2 is a hardcore online strategy game featuring sci-fi conflicts on distant planets. Gamers are fighting against the world's most talented strategy players. The planets are big, the armies are vast, opponents are live, and the challenge is never-ending.

MAN2 is based on the legendary Massive Assault series from which it inherits original "Secret Allies" concept, streamlined turn-based gameplay, perfectly-balanced units, state-of-the art interface and endless replayability.

"Our new trial model can't possibly get any better," says Victor Kislyi,'s CEO. "You can play the Demo against A.I. or live opponents as long as you wish - hundreds of battles - and it never gets boring due to the "Secret Allies" concept!"

The Demo features one planet for unlimited free games and complete land+air unit set. Lifetime Membership unlocks the access to dozens of various planets and naval units.

"Players can download the Demo and check out our brand-new Online Play Mode," says Nick Katselapov, VP of Marketing. "Immersive PvP turn-based battles feel like real time ones - you watch opponent's actions as he watches yours."

Other MAN2 Features:
  • Revolutionary turn-based gameplay
  • Fascinating 3D engine
  • "Fancy Camera" captures the most dramatic moments
  • Find live opponents of any desired skill level
  • Play multiple games simultaneously
  • A.I. opponents for training
  • 25 beautiful planets, 42 units of all types
  • Highly addictive substituted its previous monthly subscription-based model to one-time $39.95 purchase of lifetime membership, which is a cool deal.

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