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NEW MASSIVE ASSAULT NETWORK 2 DEMO AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD18 November 2009 is glad to announce the newest v263 Demo version of its turn-based strategy game Massive Assault Network 2 (MAN 2)! Huge congrats to the Demo dev team on this great achievement! The demo is live on official MAN 2 portal here:

The new Demo version is greatly refined and provides a variety of new features and enhancements:

    [added] All AI games can be finished at any moment

    [added] Windows Vista support

    [fixed] Correct timestamps in chat history

    [fixed] Frozen time displays correctly

    [fixed] Crash in some games against AI

    [fixed] Random crash in games against online players

    [fixed] Blinking before entering window mode

    [fixed] Public Generalissimo's challenge

    Massive Assault Network 2 is an online strategy game featuring sci-fi conflicts on distant planets. The game is based on the legendary Massive Assault series from which it inherits original "Secret Allies" concept, streamlined turn-based gameplay, perfectly-balanced units, state-of-the- art interface and endless replayability.

    MAN2 Features:
    • Revolutionary turn-based gameplay
    • Fascinating 3D engine
    • "Fancy Camera" to capture the most dramatic moments
    • Simple system of opponent's selection
    • A.I. opponents for training
    • 25 beautiful planets of extraterrestrial environment
    • 42 units of incredible power

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